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General Dentistry in Abilene, TX

For those who seek dental care that's administered in a completely relaxed environment, it may be time to speak with Sam Spence DDS. This Abilene, TX practice can perform the most advanced procedures when referring to both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Considering Dr. Spence places such a great emphasis on customer satisfaction, you can trust that he's always standing by for emergency care as well. When a dental emergency strikes, Sam Spence DDS has got you completely covered!

The experienced and friendly staff at Sam Spence DDS takes great pride in keeping your smile bright and beautiful.  They can ensure that all the veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges they create will look even more authentic than a natural tooth. Thanks to a set of innovative practices, high-quality tools and dental products, you can always trust your smile with Dr. Sam Spence.

If you experience a dental emergency, Dr. Sam Spence always makes time for emergency cases as well. He understands that when something is serious to you, it needs to be handled fast. In addition to his general dentistry services, it's good to know you can trust Dr. Sam Spence with emergency problems as well.

When a dental emergency strikes, you need immediate relief. By seeing Dr. Sam Spence, your dental problems will be corrected in no time at all. Space is always left in the schedule to accomodate dental emergencies. They are the leaders in emergency care for the entire Abilene, TX region. No other office offers such quality and accomodations for emergency care.

General Dentistry Abilene, TX

Offering cosmetic dentistry services!

Dr. Sam Spence offers an unrivaled set of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services that are each designed to correct the imperfections in your set of teeth.

Anyone who is unhappy with their smile can have it remedied.  No matter what the issue may be, it's likely that Dr. Spence is capable of performing a quick fix. His staff currently offers a whole slate of cosmetic procedures, which include teeth whitening, smile design, recontouring, veneers, bonding, and ceramic/porcelain crowns. No matter the severity of your case, just pick up the phone and dial (325) 695-0088 today. Dr. Sam Spence and his crew will have you grinning again in not time at all!

Gain unbeatable teeth whitening services at this local Abilene, TX dentistry practice. Obtain that bright new smile you may have dreamed about!

This Abilene, TX office is prepared to perform a  number of innovative teeth whitening procedures; these currently include  Zoom!, passive tray whitening, and professional strength white strips. Zoom! is a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure that's safe, effective and very fast. All you need is an hour, and your teeth will immediately be rendered more white. The Zoom! Whitening procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to isolate your lips and gums. The clinician then applies the proprietary Zoom! whitening gel that is activated by a specially designed light. Teeth typically become at least six to ten shades whiter; sometimes even more!

Many people consider teeth whitening but are unsure if it is right for them. Dr. Sam Spence has handled teeth whitening for years. He will walk you through the procedure and give you a great white smile once again.

Family Dentistry Abilene, TX

When it comes to family dentistry, nobody does it better than Dr. Sam Spence. It's that simple! Browse the following list, and learn of just a few of the procedures he's prepared to administer...

  • Fillings -  Fillings are performed to remedy decay, and replace the affected tooth structure. The procedure is referred to as a filling because a new material actually fills the hole that decay left. Most cavities can be treated easily and painlessly.
  • Bonding -  Bonding is designed to repair damage done to the tooth by decay, alter the alignment of the tooth, close gaps between the teeth, or for entirely cosmetic purposes. Composite resin material is bonded to the tooth, and then shaped and polished to give the tooth a great new look and feel.
  • Sealants -  This treatment is utilized to bridge the narrow grooves featured in a tooth that can't be accessed while brushing.  By administering a special coating designed to seal these grooves and pits, you'll be able to eliminate all plaque from your teeth and avoid cavities.
  • Non-Surgical Gum Treatments - If you're currently suffering from any gum disease or periodontium issues, Dr. Sam Spence can be of service. His innovative treatments involve a deep cleaning or root planning done under a local anesthetic, along with local antibiotic agents. Though gum disease must sometimes be dealt with through surgery or extraction, Dr. Spence can certainly remedy the scenario if caught early enough.
  • X-Rays -  X-rays are a necessary part of the dental diagnostic process, which allow the dentist to fully assess what's happening within the mouth of their patient.  Without an X-ray of the whole tooth, there would be no proper method to detect any infection or pathology which might  require attention. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Abilene, TX It's always recommended that clients schedule an appointment with Dr. Spence, but same day emergency care can also be administered. All the residents of Abilene, TX can rest assured knowing that Sam Spence is always up for the job! New patients just need to dial (325) 695-0088 to speak with a friendly dental representative. Take the first step toward obtaining the finest in family dentistry today. Don't be afraid to call in the case of a dental emergency either!

Products & Services

Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Sleep Apnea, Solutions, Crowns, Dentures, Implants, Root Canal Treatment, Bridges.

TMJ Treatments ( Temporal – Mandibular Joint)

TMJ stands for temporal-mandibular joint.  Temporal, as in temple area of skull; mandibular as in mandible, or lower jaw; joint as in it's where the head and jaw meet.  Problems in this joint may be caused by a misalignment of the teeth, trauma, or excess muscle tension.  Aside from the two bones that meet there, cartilage buffers them and five muscles are involved in the area.  If something goes wrong a good deal of trouble can result.

Problems in this area can cause: 

  1. Headaches
  2. Earaches
  3. Trouble/soreness in opening and closing the mouth
  4. Clicking or popping of the jaw
  5. Pain in the jaw muscles
  6. Soreness in the area, sometimes extending to the face

Dental treatments for the condition can include replacing missing teeth, moving teeth, adjusting the bite, filling gaps between teeth, etc.  There is no one solution that is right for all cases.  Sometimes a plastic mouthpiece is used to prevent clenching or grinding that is contributing to the problem.  If untreated and taken to extremes, surgery may be required to repair a badly damaged joint.

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